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Cauvin: Notary Publics
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Did you know that some banks have a free notary public service? A few months ago, on a tip from a friend, I went to the Chase Bank branch a block away from my loft. They notarized my document for free.This week, I went back to the same Chase Bank branch to get another document notarized. The manager stopped to ask me if I was a Chase customer. I told him no, I don't have a Chase bank account. He then told me that the notary services were for Chase customers only and suggested I go to my bank.

Fair enough. My Bank of America branch is just three blocks away, so I went there. They did the notarizing, and I bumped into a friend who is a teller there.

I wonder whether Chase's policy of only performing notary services for customers is wise. I would never have bothered to set foot in their lobby had I not heard about the notary service. Familiarizing myself with their branch made it more likely that I would eventually become a Chase customer. But being turned away has left me with a bad taste in mouth.

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New revelations about Tim Geithner’s phone records show an appallingly small Wall Street circle. With a probe likely, Simon Johnson says the Treasury secretary needs a bailout—from Larry Summers.
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A hasty meeting of leading bankers was convened at the offices of J. P. Morgan & Co., shortly after noon, including Charles E. Mitchell, chairman of the National City bank, and A. H. Wiggin, chairman of the Chase National bank.

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Wall Street Journal: As the Dow fell from 298 to Dow 41:“Chase National Bank says the current conditions of very easy credit and poor business have always been a buying opportunity in the past.

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  • Avatar nixxnutz When did banks stop offering free notary service to their customers?
    Aug 20, 2007 by nixxnutz | Posted in Other - Business & Finance

    I haven't needed the services of a notary public in the last 12 years. This week I did, and found to my dismay that banks no longer offer that free service to their customers. How and when did private notaries make that happen?
    Yes, they offer it if your document is one of their own documents, whatever falls into that category. But if you have a document (will, affidavit, etc.) unrelated to the bank, they won't do it any price.

    • I am a private Notary, I certainly had nothing to do with it. Your bank just found a another way to make a buck.

  • Avatar Richelle G Where can I get a letter notarized for free either in Canada or Washington?
    May 21, 2009 by Richelle G | Posted in Other - Politics & Government

    Tried a couple of banks here in Vancouver, Canada and they don't have a notary on site. Crossing the border to Washington, anyone know where I can get a letter notarized there for free?

    • I always get mine done at Washington Mutual. But, I think they are Chase now, Try there.