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Consolation centers: Who’s left on the market with Dwight Howard headed to Houston | The Point Forward

Posted July 06, 2013

Nikola Pekovic Nikola Pekovic is talented, but will cost big bucks as a restricted free agent. (David Sherman/Getty Images)

Dwight Howard is so outstanding a player that his free agency brought the NBA world to a functional halt. Some unrelated signings managed to slip through the cracks in the interim, but overall the most prominent cap space teams waited on Howard, and by extension so did the bulk of the league’s free agents. General managers, players, agents and fans alike all checked their watches and Twitter feeds as Howard deliberated, knowing full well that many of the teams with max-level wouldn’t budge until Howard was officially off the market. That stage of the offseason is now over; it was reported on Friday that Howard intends to sign a contract with the Rockets, leaving the Mavs, Hawks and a host of other teams to make do with less appealing options. That hunt begins with the following players — those center options next in line with Howard now accounted for, and waiting for the right offer in a now-furious race for teams to scoop up talent as quickly as possible.

Traditional options

Andrew Bynum

Bynum is the gambling GM’s consolation prize. The path of creating cap space, chasing Howard and going all-out to land him in free agency is a taxing enterprise, and one that can understandably lead to teams quickly taking their resources and efforts to the next talent in line. Bynum may well be that, though his worrisome injury history and refusal to work out for teams this summer make him a huge risk to any team desperate enough to sign him. If all were to go well with Bynum, the team that lands him could get an All-NBA caliber center at a relative discount. If fate were to turn the other way, a team could be locked into a multi-year salary with a no-show on the court, just as Bynum was in missing the entire 2012-13 season while (if only technically) with the Sixers.

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There's a "no e-mail" check-off on her account..

2010-08-01 11:09:07 by Net_snoop

...page somewhere. It's not as hidden as with some vendors, but you do have to be looking for it.
Since it's there, I doubt you can sue.
Find it, check it, create a new e-mail account in her name that you will monitor for her, change the e-mail account in her Chase set-up to that. (For what it's worth, I see fewer compromised GMail accounts than Yahoo Mail accounts; personal observation only, no solid statistics.)
It may take a while for you to drop off the lists for those that bought your e-mail addy from Chase.
Not a lawyer, just a computer geek.

Serious problem reguarding identity theft!!!

2010-05-05 10:29:02 by bossladyivory

My ex boyfriend claimed he worked for chase bank, he took my debit card and told me he was going to apply a chase reward. He then wouldnt bring it back for 3 days in which i was calling him and he gave me the run around. Thursday the 29th of april, i checked my checking account online and ...n that thursday when i found out about my account. chase said they denied my claim because i had willingly gave him my card and therfor compromised my own account. they told me i have 30 days before they freeze my accounts and send creditors, yet they already froze the accounts within 24 hours. what do i do when i was not the one who put in the faulty check and it was done without my permission?

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